Two Good Democracy Quotes on Peabody Opera House

I was walking down Market Street in St. Louis and noticed these two quotes engraved on front of the Peabody Opera House (nee Municipal Auditorium,  opened 1934). I wish President Trump had been with me.

“Democratic government will be the more successful the more the public opinion ruling it is enlighten and inspired by full and thorough discussion—the greatest danger threating democratic institutions comes from those influences which tend to stifle or demoralize discussion.”

                -Carl Schurz

“Simple means should be found by which, by an interchange of points of view we may get together, for the whole process of modern life is a process by which we must exclude misunderstandings, bring all men into common counsel, and so discover what is the common interest.”

-Woodrow Wilson


Carl Schurz was Secretary of the Interior (1877-1881) after serving as U.S. Senator from Missouri (1869-1875). He also said “My country right or wrong—when right, keep it right; when wrong, make it right.”

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